your love is like a warm jumper
Brodie. 22. South England.
Anonymous asked: who was the winner?

I can’t post the link because I’m on my phone but her URL is melesenite :)

Anonymous asked: Hey love, have you posted the book giveaway yet? Thanks c:

I’ve posted the winner but not yet physically posted the books-will be doing it on Friday :)

Goodnight guys! Hope you all have amazing days/evenings! :)

sssnowflakes asked: hey brodie, don't let stupid anons bring you down. you are honestly beautiful

Thank you beautiful! Stay wonderful x

alcazars asked: mean anons suck don't listen to them you're amazing and one of my favourite people on this website :-) x

You are amazing :)  thank you x

kminzzy asked: Gosh... I usually don't say nothing about the "questions" you get, but I'm getting tired seing those stupid people calling you names and stuff. Just don't answer them! They are stupid and you're not. They'll eventually stop, cuz they have no life! Seriously, don't bother about those stupid people -_-

There’s tonnes in my inbox I’ve ignored. I just thinking they’re wasting their time because I’m never going to retaliate! I agree though, they have no life!